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Catch the Spirit!

12 Fun challenges!

Team up with friends - old & new - to practice yoga on and off your mat this season. This challenge is all about bringing people together and giving us a chance to look outside of ourselves. Whether you get it all done, or just a sprinkling, your heart will be lighter and your spirit will be brighter. 

"The prize is in the process." Baron Baptiste

Teams of four - sign up with old friends or pop in with new!

12 - each person takes 12 classes at CAPY

11 - each person does 11 minutes meditation five days a week

10 - each person gathers up 10 food items for the Open Door

9 - each person does 9 NICE THINGS for strangers - hold open a door, pay for their coffee, compliment their shoes....... 

8 - each team member does a double at CAPY

7 - as a team bring 7 paper shopping bags of clothes for our drive

6 - as a team bring 6 new to CAPY friends in to take class

5 - each person goes to a 5:30am class

4 - each person goes to a new studio - one they haven't been to before

3 - each person helps a neighbor 3 times

2 - each person gives 2 hours - either volunteer locally or help a friend - babysit, clean, shop, give a ride, help wrap gifts........



November 25 - December 24

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