At CAPY we all teach together as a team.

Sometimes we sub for each other so that our lives can stay relaxed and so that you can get to know the whole team. We're all teaching the same thing, we all trained together, and we're all on the same mission - your growth and transformation are our highest reward. Come to class whenever you can, we promise you'll love it and you just might find your new favorite teacher!


Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis

E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance, 1200hr Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Teacher

Elizabeth has been teaching yoga since 2000.  She has trained extensively with Baron Baptiste, has been a full time teacher at the Baptiste studios in Boston, and has worked closely with Baron on his world renowned Bootcamps and Teacher Trainings. This work allows a fun and fresh access to the classical yogic traditions of BKS Iyengar, TVK Desikichar, and Patthabi Jois.

Elizabeth received a B.A. in Psychology from Brown University, an education which brings depth to her understanding of yoga philosophy.  Elizabeth has also been riding horses her whole life, spending the last twenty four years coaching and competing show jumpers. This intensive study of sports fitness, sports psychology, and active biomechanics has provided a solid foundation for her commitment to classical yogic traditions.  Honest work, at a level appropriate to each student, brings physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness and flexibility. 


Dave DeAngelis

David knows that yoga works. His introduction to the practice was with the matriarch of the dance program at UMASS Amherst. There he learned that yoga's many different styles all lead to the same results of health and happiness. His indoctrination was a few years later when he met Elizabeth, who challenged him to practice 6 times a week, for a year. The year long commitment reduced stress and a dangerously high blood pressure. The negative physical effects from years of contact sports, hard work, and hard living were undone. Yoga opened his heart to the possibility that there is a better and more generous way to live. 

Working in both the construction and horse industries for the past 10 years David has met many wonderful people who suffer from stiffness, soreness, and grumpiness. These people eventually just believe that's how they have to feel, that it's a natural part of aging. Seeing the effects of yoga first hand, David has seen that there is another way to live - in health, ease, and good cheer.

David has had the chance to take class with some of the best yoga teachers in the world, participate in Cape Ann Yoga School teacher trainings, specialized trainings across the country, and amazing yoga retreats. David is lucky, grateful, and couldn't be more excited for his opportunity to share his enthusiasm and perspective with you and the good people of Gloucester. 


Johnna Huntsman

Johnna Huntsman practices and teaches Baptiste style power vinyasa yoga.  She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis at the Cape Ann Yoga School in the spring of 2014.  Johnna was introduced to yoga by her mother and sister and began her dedicated practice in 2003 at the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute in Cambridge, MA.  Johnna teacher Power Vinyasa Yoga based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste, with roots in the classical yoga teachings of BKS Iyengar, TVK Desikichar, and Patthabi Jois.

Outside of the yoga studio Johnna trains with the experienced coaches at CrossFit Cape Ann.  Johnna brings her knowledge of breath, awareness, and bio-mechanics to her CrossFit training, staying calm and injury free.  On her yoga mat she enjoys the fruits of her increased strength and endurance.  Each form of exercise complements each other and gives Johnna’s teaching a unique depth, with first-hand knowledge of the benefits of yoga for athletic training.



Hayley Haberman

E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance

Always outdoorsy and physically active; Hayley moved to beautiful Cape Ann in 2000 and was taken with the amazing natural beauty and the fun loving folks who live there.  A few years later, she went to her first hot power vinyasa class and felt a strong connection.  The practice was physically demanding, meditative and really enjoyable.  Over time, she developed a consistent practice and felt noticeably more fit and more energized. Yoga soon became one of her main hobbies. 

She likes to explore different styles, reads endlessly on the topic, and goes to workshops and retreats whenever she can.  She appreciates that there is always more to learn and ways to go deeper.  She also loves how healthy, mentally clear and happy her practice helps her to be. 

Yoga lead Hayley down a path that has changed her life.  She believes the amazing benefits of yoga are available to everyone and is excited to be included in the mission to bring power yoga to the people of Cape Ann.  She has done trainings with Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis and Tricia Philpot, Claire Este-MacDonald and Gregor Singleton, Marc StPierre, Beryl Bender Birch, Rolf Gates, Bryan Kest, Natasha Rizopolus, Stephen Cope, Baron Baptiste and others.  She lives in Rockport with her two sons and silly rescue dog.


William Balsham

For my “day job” I work in management consulting, working with telecommunications and technology companies to improve their businesses and position themselves for success in a changing market. I played rugby in college, ran the New York Marathon and am currently an avid mountain biker, snowboarder and skier. I love to go hard and fast and almost out of control. I find yoga to be the perfect compliment to my active lifestyle.

I was introduced to yoga by a friend. More accurately, I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to my first yoga class. I can’t say I loved it, exactly, but I realized immediately that it was something I could do and that the practice was real exercise.  Over time, I also realized the meditative aspects of the practice.

My classes will always be grounded in a strong, vigorous sequence of poses to work the body, with an underlying message of how we can bring the benefits of our practice from our mat to the rest of our lives.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.43.41 PM.png

Alia MacPherson


Alia is passionate about health and wellness education. This passion has been at the heart of her advanced studies, international health work, and belief in the power of yoga. Alia’s time spent with underprivileged populations Kenya and in the US crystalized her view that stress, poor dietary habits, and a sedentary lifestyle are at the heart of the declining health of not just our nation, but the global population.

After 10 years of nonstop work, published research, success, accolades, and awards Alia found that her well was dry. She was exhausted and had a chronic inflammatory illness that required constant medication to “control”. Her own body had been sending her messages for years, but she hadn't been listening; she realized that in order to continue her life’s work she had to heal herself. Fortune brought Alia to Cape Ann Power Yoga, the strong physical work and inspiring community have held her here. She took a year off from practicing medicine, took CAPY’s 200hr Teacher Training, and completely expanded her view of health, wellness, and life balance.

Alia is a believer in the benefits of honest, healthy work and that message shines throughout her classes. With her commitment and knowledge she will hold the bar high for you. With her humor and belief in the beauty of life she will keep you engaged and inspired. 


Megan McKenzie Downey

Megan has been practicing yoga for over five years. Power vinyasa has been her home because it is athletic, rhythmic, and meditative. Megan is a natural leader so teaching yoga is a perfect fit. She did her 200hr training with Cape Ann Yoga School in 2014. 

Megan's primary vocation is as a powerful and inspiring rock and roll singer. Her stage presence and incredible voice give her audiences an powerful experience. When Megan teaches yoga you will know that you are in amazing hands. 

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Kathleen Miller

Kathleen began practicing yoga in college and immediately noticed the results. The practice balanced her active lifestyle as a runner and helped her to take a more mindful approach to fitness. The mental effects were even more noticeable- she developed a clearer, more calm attitude when she practiced. But, it wasn’t until 2013, after the loss of a loved one and a struggle with health problems, that her practice began to deepen. What had been a hobby became more of a lifestyle. She practiced more regularly, and with more intent. Regular yoga practice deepened her understanding of herself and what she needed in order to heal. In 2014, she took part in a Teacher Training with Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis, and she began sharing this practice with others. Prior to teaching yoga, Kathleen worked as a Mental Health Therapist. This therapeutic background enhances Kathleen’s ability to connect with students and guide them through a practice that promotes growth and healing.

In addition to teaching, Kathleen is also a full-time artist, living and working in Rockport, MA.


Jill Montoni

Jill is a dedicated yoga practitioner and an experienced teacher. She believes that a strong physical practice brings great health to both the body and soul. Jill has a depth of education that shows in her presence and connection with each student. She has completed Cape Ann Yoga School's 200hr training, a 200hr and an 80hr with Claire Este-McDonald and Gregor Singleton, and a 200hr Iyengar training with Kim Valeri. Jill has also studied Yin Yoga, and Acro Yoga, and is a certified personal trainer.  She is the owner and director of Aarti Yoga in Ipswich as well as an accomplished potter!

 Most recently Jill traveled to Kenya with YogaHOPE to work with the widows of the Rona Foundation. She has completed all three modules of YogaHOPE's trauma informed practice training. While in Africa Jill also got to visit with Africa Yoga Project at their Nairobi Shine Center. 


Atlee Alman

Atlee discovered yoga in 2013, hoping to tone up for her wedding and to manage some physical unease caused by anxiety and stress. She has been practicing regularly since, coming back for the presence during practice and total feeling of peace afterward. She recognizes the importance of a balanced lifestyle and believes yoga encompasses all that drives good health and happiness.

Atlee has always been involved in athletics, falling in love with the competition and comradery of sports. She played softball at Merrimack College where she received a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics. She believes the coaching she did after college is what sparked her love for “teaching your passion” and what led her through the doors of CAPY. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis at Cape Ann Yoga School in the spring of 2016.

Atlee feels that her yoga journey has been a path back to herself, and when she does yoga she is reminded of what is important to her.  She hopes to inspire others to do the same, letting go of labels and discovering their true potential. She believes the strength you build from yoga is unlike any other workout, strengthening awareness in mind, body, and soul. She is excited to be back in Gloucester, teaching yoga in her hometown. In her spare time, she loves being on the ocean and surrounded by family and friends.


Anneliese Brosch

Anneliese Brosch's true love for yoga began after her colligate field hockey career. It proved to be a great non-competitive outlet that helped keep her muscles moving. After graduating, she was able to dedicate more time to her practice and now, after years of practice and studying, she truly can't believe the new found freedom and deep connection that she has been able to access in both her body and mind. Annelids hopes her strong alignment-based flow style of teaching will give students the tools they need to open their physical bodies as a way to, eventually, connect with their mind and spirit. 

She also co-owns Cape Ann SUP where she teaches public and private stand up paddle board yoga classes all summer long in Essex and Gloucester. Anneliese trained with the master teacher, Mark St. Pierre, for her 200hr certification and was SUPYoga certified by Julie Roach in Orlando, FL. On the side, she also works at a boutique ad agency in Portsmouth, NH, Stout Heart and serves as a Real Estate Agent for J. Barrett and Co.

If you’d like follow her on fb: Anneliese Brosch Inspiration & Yoga
Or Instagram: @theSUPYogi


Nicole Arvanites

Nicole started practicing at the Cambridge Baptiste Power Yoga studio in 2008 in search for something more in her community and in herself.  Having played sports her whole life, she wanted to reconnect with what once made her feel powerful and apart of a larger team.  Besides cleansing her body, Nicole found that yoga was the tool for personal growth and connection she had been looking for. Things in her life just started to make more sense.  She left her job in the city and moved to Gloucester to join this great community of creative, hardworking people. 

Nicole strives to get more tradesmen, farmers, athletes and worry-worts to give yoga a try.  She knows that yoga is truly for everyone and strongly believes that no matter who you are or what you do for a living, you have something to gain from this powerful flow.  And the gain is probably bigger than you think!  

She loves looking around the yoga room and seeing people from all walks of life practicing together.  This power of community is what made Nicole want to start teaching yoga. She completed her 200-hr Cape Ann Power Yoga teacher training with Elizabeth Huntsman DeAngelis in the spring of 2016.   Nicole is also an Architectural Designer, farm hand, 'middle' child of 6, and an avid hiker.  


Stacey Apple

Stacey began her yoga journey 13 years ago when her mother handed her a yoga mat on her 15th birthday.  She still has the mat and the inspiration from her mother that keeps yoga at the core of her life. Yoga has been a steady practice that she has used to stay strong and focused through her ever changing life. Yoga continues to be the backbone and support for her daily life. She hopes that through her teaching she can spread her strength and light to those around her. In 2016 Stacey completed the 200hr yoga teacher training at Empower Yoga under the guidance of Tricia Philpott.

Beyond spreading her love for yoga Stacey is the pastry chef at The Market Restaurant and Short and Main in Gloucester, MA.  She spends most of her time baking cakes, making pizzas, and picking delicious fruit.  Her passion for cooking and working with farmers to create beautiful and locally sourced food is what keeps her smiling. Her drive to live a sustainable life that is truly in tune to seasonality and nature makes her the yogi she is. Namaste!


Joel Kalinowsky

Joel is an avid surfer, CrossFitter, adventurer, and outdoorsman. He has found that a strong yoga practice gives him the foundation that allows him to pursue his other activities with ease. Ease in our bodies and minds allows joy to flow freely through us. 

Joel did his teacher training with Marc St. Pierre in 2015. That training gave him a strong understanding of alignment and sequencing which he brings to Cape Ann Power Yoga's Baptiste style practice. When you take Joel's class you'll ride a line between familiar ground and fresh insight. That zone - where we're comfortably uncomfortable - is where we grow.