Class is heated - you will sweat!

  • The room will be 90-95 degrees, depending the outside weather and class attendance.

  • Please arrive well hydrated and well nourished.

  • Bring a change of clothes for after class.

  • Yoga clothes should be snug fitting as we will move in all directions, synthetic blends are most comfortable.

  • Bring a mat, mat towel (like yogi toes!), props, personal towel, and water.

  • You may bring your own blocks or straps as you like.

  • We have mats and yoga towels for rent.

  • Arrive ten minutes before class. With that said, if you end up being late please come in. You are welcome to join in up to 20 minutes into class. If you are late please do not enter during the OMs.

  • Please stay until the end of class.

  • Please come prepared to stay in the yoga room for the whole class.

  • Parking is strictly enforced in Gloucester, please be sure to feed your meter!

  • When we have a lot of snow street parking will be banned. You can park in the public lots, all within a few blocks of the studio.

All classes are open to all levels, all the time.

  • No membership required - Drop in or sign up in advance for convenience.
  • Raw beginners - welcome in any class, our teachers are well trained to help yo
  • Come about twenty minutes early so that you can meet the teacher and let them know about any injuries or special conditions you might have.
  • Teachers will give you the lay of the land and any modifications for you.
  • Especially good if you're injured, nervous, or quite out of condition.
  • Experienced - welcome in any class at any time
  • We ask that you do the practice as it is led by the teacher.
  • You may level up a pose, as long as it is the same pose on the same timing.