We caught the SPIRIT!


We had a great time getting ready for the holidays this year! Our Catch the Spirit challenge had ten teams working to spread good cheer around the town. We all practiced a lot, stretched ourselves to do doubles, and many people went to their first 5:30am class. The Open Door was thrilled to get all the food our team members donated! We all practiced small acts of kindness for strangers, but our own Dave knocked it out of the park on helping neighbors. He moved a washer and dryer, an oil tank, a dining room set, and even a climbing wall! 


The biggest success of Catch the Spirit was our clothing drive for the O'Malley Middle School store. This is a free store in the school where kids with less can get something warm or something nice. David and our friend Brett will bring this whole truck full of clothes over to O'Malley! 

To top it all off, our own Melissa Wilber rallied her team at Sperry and donated two giant boxes of brand new shoes. Three cheers for Melissa and her team!