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Private Readings with TeriLeigh

Private Readings

Chakra Reading

When you tell Terileigh what stresses and challenges you deal with in life, she will read your chakras and explain to you the imbalances you are holding. Receive simple and practical “prescriptions” to balance your chakras and discover ways to enhance your overall health and wellness through chakra calibration over time.

Posture & Body Mechanics Assessment

Tell TeriLeigh what aches, pains, owies or boo-boos, illness and injuries you face in your physical body OR share struggles you encounter with yoga poses and practice. TeriLeigh will assess your posture and body mechanics and offer you simple exercises to train your brain and body into healthier habits and ways to find more comfort and ease in your every day movement and/or yoga practice. 

Stress Management Coaching

TeriLeigh will help you find the gifts inside your wounds, hold a mirror to your beauty, and remind you of the strength and power you own and have right now and coax your MUCHNESS out of hiding. Share with her what stresses you face, and she will

  • simplify the complicated things...

  • teach you how to manage the stresses you cannot control

  • show you how to turn negatives into positives...”

  • give practical homework that changes how to think and feel on the inside

  • offer a happier perspective on challenges and struggles

  • guide you to better relationships with yourself, others, money, and food


  • $100/60 minutes - all new clients

If you’re new to working with TeriLeigh, use this link to book your first private reading with her.

If you’ve had private readings with TeriLeigh already you can book by emailing her directly at, or use the button above.

Current clients

  • $50/ 30 minutes

  • $100/ 60 minutes

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