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Thursday evening VINYASA class with Anneliese begins October 4. Through the end of September that time will still be a $5 community class.

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All levels - strong, sweaty, and spiritual. This will be a well balanced practice tailored to each class. Teachers will give modifications for newer students and up-level inspiration for the experienced. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga is a strong, rhythmic, astanga based practice that incorporates Iyengar alignment, principles of meditation, and personal inspiration. The room will be heated to 95* and you will be sure to sweat. All levels are welcome in this class.


This class is an opportunity to work on deepening your practice. Working from a consistent foundation of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga each day will bring a different emphasis, based on the students and season. You may refine your breathing practice, have a seated meditation, work to a peak pose, work conditioning, or experience a self led practice. 

Please do have at least a half dozen CAPY classes under your belt (or come with a solid power vinyasa practice), be comfortable in the heat, on board with our practice, and willing to learn. The room will be heated to 95* and you will be sure to sweat.


An all levels Baptiste Power Vinyasa class taught by a newer teacher. These classes are just $5 and are rich in energy and camaraderie! The room will be heated to 95* and you will be sure to sweat!


A balance of steady, flowing work and deep stretching, all in our fabulous and therapeutic infrared heat. Working from a consistent foundation of rhythm and deep breathing you will build strength and be well stretched. This class is appropriate for both newer and experienced students, students working with an injury (it is especially shoulder friendly), and our super fit friends who go hard all week. The room will be heated to 95* and you will be sure to sweat.


This is a balanced, flowing class that will leave you well rinsed and relaxed. With a more freestyle approach than our regular Baptiste classes you'll find some new poses and have time for long holds.

The room will be heated to around 90* to relax your muscles and your mind. A well chosen, inspiring soundtrack will give you an inspiring mid-week treat! All levels are welcome in this class.


A classic practice combining a spiritual intention, lighter poses, breathing practices, meditation, and mantras. The room will be around 80* and all levels are welcome to attend.

HARBOR YOGA - seasonal, Memorial Day through Labor Day

Be a part of the working Gloucester waterfront! Our teachers will lead an all levels 60 minute class right on the water. Follow this link for all the details.