Rolf Gates weekend

Elizabeth and David got to practice with Rolf Gates over the weekend. Solstice Power Yoga hosted a four part workshop with Rolf, a nationally recognized teacher of asana, meditation, yoga and recovery, and teacher trainings. 

Carleen Rivers, Dianna Lannon, Elizabeth, Donna Johnson, Allison Swartz

Carleen Rivers, Dianna Lannon, Elizabeth, Donna Johnson, Allison Swartz

Elizabeth took the Saturday morning session (pictured here with fellow Solstice teachers Carleen, Donna, and Allison). Rolf began session began with a talk about being present in each moment with just the right amount of effort. He used an analogy of surfing bigger waves - how the best surfers seem to be mostly just hanging out..... until it's time to turn, just the right time. After the talk Rolf led a complete asana practice. He gave options for a lighter way as well as permission for a more vigorous way. Everyone was sweaty and happy at the end. 


David took the Saturday afternoon session which was centered on meditation. In the morning Rolf had joked that Power yoga people are generally leery of meditation and he'd promised to do his part to make the afternoon a good one. After a talk about meditation, presence, and right effort, it was time for meditation. Rolf had everyone alternate between fifteen minutes of seated meditation and fifteen minutes of walking meditation. The walking meditation was done on the mat, from one end to the other and back. David was amazed to find that his mat was just the right length - just when his thoughts wandered away from his feet it was time to turn around and reset. Supported by Rolf's wisdom and experience they all mediated for an hour and a half! 


Elizabeth taught with Rolf at the Baptiste studio's way back in the day. He would often tell students, "If you love this practice then once a month you should do something extra {workshop, double, special class}, and once a year you should go away and immerse yourself in it."  

At Cape Ann Power Yoga we've got a weekend with Nicki Doane coming up in July - see our events page - and we hope to see YOU there! 


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