40 Days Finale


Congratulations to everyone who completed this 40 Days to Personal Revolution! When we started off it looked like a big mountain to climb. But, a really great group of people showed up day by day. We checked in with each other, we shared struggles and successes. It was awesome to have a core group in classes and I commend all the 40 Dayers for sharing their joy and dedication with the folks who hadn't signed up this time.

Baron's 40 Day program isn't meant to be a once in a lifetime event. All of us who did it this time have loosened  up some layers and laid a foundation. The next time through will bring more insight, more inspiration, and more community. If you didn't join us this round we look forward to having you aboard in the spring. This program is an awesome way to raise our sights, to strengthen our bodies, and open our minds!

We thank Sara McKinnon for co leading this program. Her experience and insight are inspirational, we are lucky to work with her! Ron McKinnon gave us excellent nutritional support and guided us through the prescribed cleanse. At our celebration party we honored the 40 Dayers who made it to the most classes at CAPY (there are so many other elements to the program, but that's the one we could count). Maria Greeke, Annette Chalmers, Paula Lutz, Jackie Murphy, and Andrena Huntsman were the top class attenders! We also send out a cheers to our FB check in fans - Maria Greeke (we might have to get her a special Letterman's jacket!) and Ashley Loprieno, with Jaime Macdonald right on their heels. 

Great job everyone! We'll see you through the holidays and gear up for a Spring 40!