In case of BIG snow

'Tis the season......

We've got snow on the way and that means we might end up calling off some classes. We're not faint of heart, so if it's a flurry to a moderate snow we'll have class for sure. If we pass moderate and get into serious, here's how you can stay updated about any class cancellations:

Watch your email. We'll send out emails at least an hour before class, if not before. If you're not on our email list you can sign up here.

Watch the website,, we'll put a banner across the top of the site letting you know if any classes are called off.

Check our FaceBook page for postings.

If you're on FaceBook you can also ask Johnna to put you in our special CAPY group. It's a place for us to connect with each other both yogicly and socially. Talk to her in class or click here to write to her on Facebook.