108 Sun Salutations

Saturday March 18


“There is a saying of the alchemists: through repetition the magic is forced to arise. Aristotle said that practice is the strongest teacher of all. It’s only through repetition that we can gain depth of understanding.”
-David Swenson

Energize yourself! Join Hayley to celebrate the change of seasons. Get grounded in the present and raise your sights for summer!

Doing 108 Sun Salutation A is like taking a very long walk. At no point is it very difficult, but it requires commitment. With repetition we find an amazing clearing of the heart and head, our postures literally become our prayers. You are certainly invited to modify and to rest as needed. Simply being in the room, surrounded by such a level of dedication will be a transformative experience!


$20 per person

CLASS PACKAGE HOLDERS - choose 108 and two classes will be deducted (YMCA classes do not apply)

UNLIMITED MEMBERS - 108s are now included in your package as a thank you for your commitment (YMCA unlimited does apply)